Unusual: Philippe Lesbahy’s room

Philippe Lesbahy, the wife of Gilles Berthelot, initiated the construction of the château. Her room reveals all the skills and knowledge of the Renaissance period and, in particular, the art of weaving reeds to insulate walls.
Philippe Lesbahy’s room was the living space of the lady of the house, in which she both slept and carried out day-to-day activities. It was here that she worked, ate and received guests. The château has recreated the room’s decor to immerse visitors in the atmosphere that reigned here in the 16th century.
The main feature of the room, the four-poster bed, has been adorned with silk velvet and embroidered fabric whose bright colours were chosen to reflect the Renaissance paintings. All the gold thread embroidery and trimmings were made by hand, as were the woven reed wall coverings. This technique was used to insulate rooms, which were difficult to heat at the time. It was a traditional art that has since disappeared in France, and lengthy research was needed in order to recreate these woven reeds as they would have been made in bygone times. Azay-le-Rideau is the only château in France that exhibits this technique. The 19th-century chest, the gold leaf, bone and walnut cabinet, the sideboard and paintings are now surrounded by their original decor. 
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