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Hidden treasure: the restored park and water mirror

The Biencourt family preferred the untamed beauty of English-style parks to more structured garden design, and they created an extraordinarily romantic setting whose paths wind between groves and water.
During the Renaissance period the château only had a walled garden, but this was later turned into a romantic park thanks to the passion of Charles de Biencourt. A lover of botany and landscape art in general, he decided to transform the 8 hectares of land into an English-style park and dig out ponds to create two water mirrors. His son continued the work and added new species that were exotic for the time, giving unique charm to the alleys and paths.
Major restoration work has allowed the park to be recreated according to its original design and its botanical collections have been renewed. Fifteen or so species of ornamental trees and some 10,000 bulbs have been replanted alongside roses, acanthus and several varieties of lavender. Small, winding alleys lead between the groves and ponds offering diverse and unspoilt scenery that inspires daydreams! A footbridge leads from the other side of the Indre to Ile de la Rémonière, where Natura 2000 listed plant and animal species are kept. The Garden of Secrets, which follows a more orderly design, conceals a conservatory of traditional Touraine vegetables and a butterfly garden.
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