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The Château of Langeais enters the dance floor

With a new exhibition and initiation sessions, the Château of Langeais is exploring different styles of Renaissance dance, which was an important art at the time of grand balls.

As of 6 April, the Château of Langeais will be hitting the dance floor with its new exhibition called “Dancing in the Renaissance way”, laid out over two rooms. The scenography will be articulated around Renaissance music and dances and will notably present numerous historical musical instruments. During the week of 14 to 25 April, initiation workshops for period dances will also be held for families, to the accompaniment of flutes and tambourines! Other highlights on the programme will include Ascension weekend (31st May to 1st June), when the château will rediscover its former beauty and love of entertainment with the re-enactment of a wedding, a Lord’s hunting camp and songs and dances to the sound of the hurdy gurdy that will leave visitors with unique memories of the château.