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A contemporary homage to Leonardo da Vinci at the Château of Le Rivau

As usual, the Château of Le Rivau is making a name for itself with an exhibition in which contemporary artists revisit the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

Despite its understated title, “Homage to Leonardo and the Renaissance”, the exhibition, which opens on 1 April at the Château of Le Rivau, won’t fail to amaze. Thirty or so well-known artists will present their visions and feelings about Leonardo da Vinci’s work and Renaissance heritage. Every aspect of the artist’s work has been revisited through different rooms in the château, with portraits and self-portraits, extraordinary machines, anatomy, landscapes and more. A special event has also been planned for 18 May with a grand Renaissance Ball just like the ones Leonardo da Vinci used to organise at the Court of Milan and, for a fully magical experience, guests are invited to dress in period costume! Also of note, the Château will be welcoming Ms Giovanna Giusti, Honorary Director of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, who will be revealing “the visible and the invisible” in some of the genius’s works.