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Welcome to the official website of the Châteaux of the Loire Valley. The 15 châteaux of the Loire Valley include Chambord, Chenonceau, Sully-sur-Loire.. Each site uncovers one of the fundamental chapters of the history of France. Discover the magnificent architecture, the beautifully kept gardens and the hidden treasures of the Loire Valley, and embark upon an enthralling journey through the splendid décors of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Elegant Renaissance homes, imposing medieval fortresses, beautiful classical façades... The châteaux of the Loire Valley invite you on a journey through time. Their walls have witnessed the region’s past, during which important pages of the history of France have been written by kings and queens. From château to château, the region’s rich past unfurls. The royal Fortress of Chinon has kept alive the memory of the meeting between Joan of Arc and Charles VII. This important event had ended the siege of Orleans during the Hundred Year’s War. The château of Langeais has witnessed a historical marriage. Indeed, the union between Anne of Brittany and Charles VIII had concluded the annexation of Brittany by the Kingdom of France.

Exceptional landscapes listed by UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Set on the banks of the Loire, 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Paris, the châteaux of the Loire Valley are surrounded by splendid greenery. Spread across 280 kilometres between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes-sur-Loire, these exceptional man-made landscapes are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, nature is both vibrant and exceptionally preserved and is home to remarkable wildlife. As each season gives way to another, the transformation of the royal river is a delight for the eyes! It is in this beautiful setting, between villages and rolling hills, historical cities and renowned vineyards, that the châteaux of the Loire Valley invite you to take a step back in time by discovering the history of France.

The châteaux of the Loire Valley: visits that are interactive and fun!

Through HistoPad and augmented reality visits, interactive displays, 3D models and night shows at the forefront of new technologies, the châteaux of the Loire Valley will take you on exciting visits which are both digital and fun! Francis I of France, Catherine de’ Medici, Leonardo da Vinci... Many great kings, queens, artists and personalities chose the banks of the Loire as their home. 
Discover their story in their own homes at the châteaux of Chambord, Clos Lucé, the royal châteaux of Amboise and Blois.

Take a stroll in the gardens of Villandry, through the colourful parterres of the vegetable and medicinal plant patches. Follow the alleyways of the gardens of Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de’ Medici in the château of Chenonceau. 

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