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The French State, Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council, Pays de la Loire Regional Council and Atout France (the tourism development agency of France) have agreed to jointly implement a tourism development project to promote the "Loire Valley" destination.

This initiative was given concrete form by the signature of a memorandum of understanding in Tours on 16 January 2012, to promote the "Loire Valley" as a tourist destination, and a three-year framework agreement. This was signed on 5 June 2012 by the State, the Regional Councils of Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire, the Comité Régional du Tourisme Pays de la Loire,
Solutions&co and the Comité Régional du Tourisme Centre – Val de Loire. The three-year framework agreement involves a common commitment to provide financial support for a three-year promotion programme. The creation of a "Loire Valley" brand and emblem was the first step.

Pursuing this initiative, the Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire regions submitted a bid in a “V2 Destination Contract” tendering procedure intended to promote destination brands with an international reach. On 24 November 2014, the French Government confirmed in a letter that the "Loire Valley" application had been accepted for such a Destination Contract.

The contract was signed in Paris on 16 December 2014 in the presence of Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Mattias Fekl, Minister of State for the Promotion of Tourism and French Nationals Abroad and Carole Delga, Minister of State for Commerce, Small-Scale Industry, Consumer Affairs and Social and the Solidarity Economy.

The first initiative under this contract is the creation of the website to promote the "Loire Valley" destination.

The  website is funded by the Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire Regions and the French State. It is also partly funded by the European Union. 


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