Château de Sully-sur-Loire

Majestic, grand and bold: this is one of the true jewels of Loiret! A medieval fortress built in the 14th century in extensive grounds. Surrounded by moats overlooking the Loire, the château invites you to come and discover the life of Maximilien de Béthune.
Many people have heard the famous French phrase: "Pasture and ploughing are the two teats from which France is fed…" But apart from being famous for the uttering of this statement, who was the great Duke of Sully? Through the 14 rooms of the château, you will gain an insight into the château owner, the illustrious statesman and faithful companion of King Henry IV. From the medieval dungeon (you will cross the wall-walk and pass under the magnificent upturned boat hull roof structure) to the cosy and richly furnished rooms, you will discover the life and career of the Duke of Sully, through a rich collection of pictures, tapestries, statues and painted decors. You will also discover that this architectural gem played host to Joan of Arc, Louis IIV and Voltaire.
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