Markets in the Loire valley

Nothing beats a trip to the market for discovering all the excellent Loire Valley produce. Come and marvel at the variety of different stalls selling fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, flowers and Loire Valley wines. It’s here that everything happens, in direct contact with the producers! 

Markets on the banks of the Loire in Basse-Indre, Orléans and Amboise

These Loire Valley markets are certainly worth a visit for their produce, but not only that! To get to the Basse-Indre market, for example, you can take the ferry from south bank of the Loire, and as the boat crosses the river you will gradually catch sight of the market with its 150 stands. 5,000 or so people come here every Sunday morning, which gives you an idea of its reputation!

In Orléans the Saturday morning market takes place on Le quai du Roi, also on the banks of the Loire. 130 traders come here to sell their local produce and on Friday evenings (until 9.30pm) you can visit the market in the town centre, at Place du Martroi, with its flower-covered terraces of cafés on sunny days.

Lastly, still on the quays of the Loire, don’t miss the Amboise market on Sunday mornings, which is one of the biggest in Touraine.

Tours, Loches, Angers, Nantes: quality markets

A city of gastronomy, Tours boasts no less than twenty markets. Le marché du carreau des Halles on Saturday mornings, right next to the Halles Centrales, is one of the oldest in the city. It has existed since 1833! You’ll be able to find excellent local farm produce here. Also in Tours, but on Sunday mornings, is the pleasant marché Rabelais, which will inevitably remind you of the insatiable appetite of Pantagruel... 

Not far from there, go to Loches on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, where an adorable market is held in the lower part of this little medieval city. The high-quality produce proudly represents the gastronomy of the area: Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine goats cheese, Géline de Touraine...Only the good stuff!

In Angers, there are a large number of markets you won’t want to miss out on. Firstly, on Saturday mornings there is the big market at Place Leclerc, and lovers of flowers or antiques will want to go to Boulevard Bessoneau (a flower market) and Place Imbach (a flea market) on the same day. Near the station there is also the famous Marché Lafayette on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 8am to 1.30pm. 

While in Nantes, stock up on great produce at Le marché de Talensac, both inside and outside (every morning except on Mondays). 

Other markets: 
>> in Blois, in the town centre (Place Louis XII) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings;
>> in Saumur, Place Saint-Pierre, Place de la Bilange and Place de la République, on Saturday mornings;
>>The big market in Saint-Brévin, on Sunday mornings;
>> The market in Pellerin, on Saturday mornings; 
also to discover