This summer, take a break at an open-air cafe on the banks of the Loire! 

All along the banks of the Loire and its tributaries, you’ll found countless open-air cafes or “guinguettes”. Whether you choose the Guinguette de Rochecorbon, Guinguette de Tours or Guinguette de Blois, the atmosphere is sure to be festive and gourmet. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind in summer! 

L. de Serres – ADT Touraine
Bords de Loire, groupes de personnes qui profitent de la soirée à la guinguette de Rochecorbon

Guinguette de Rochecorbon 

It is one of the most popular open-air cafes and one of the biggest in France, only a few minutes from Tours! Guinguette de Rochecorbon features a restaurant open for lunch and dinner, a snack bar, live music, a boules court, badminton and games for children. There, you’ll find all generations spending time together against the backdrop of the Loire river peacefully flowing. 

Tours-sur-Loire : la guinguette de Tours

L. de Serres – ADT Touraine

At the foot of Wilson Bridge is where you’ll find Guinguette de Tours. 

On sunny days, everyone is happy to spend time at this open-air cafe on the banks of the Loire. The evenings are plenty of fun, featuring shows and a varied programme of live music. Whether to enjoy the restaurant or one of the bars, there’s no shortage of reasons to relax there and share a special moment with family or friends. 

Guinguette du lac d’Hommes 

Time to leave the banks of the Loire and head to the Hommes Lake and its summertime open-air cafe on the waterside. Every year, it’s becoming ever more popular. The project was created by a group of friends, Les Farmers, who wanted to create a relaxing place to have a drink, listen to music and enjoy the lake and nautical, outdoor activities. Mission accomplished! 

JC Coutand – ADT Touraine
Famille qui trinque au bord du lac

Guinguette de Blois or “Une Pause en Loire” at Creusille Port 

Let’s go back to the banks of the Loire, in Blois. At Creusille Port on the left bank of the river, Guinguette de Blois, also known as “Une Pause en Loire” (A Break on the Loire), offers an exceptional viewpoint of the city and Jacques Gabriel Bridge. It’s the perfect place to have a drink, read, enjoy a concert or simply contemplate the river and its traditional boats. 

L. Alvarez – CD 41
Barnums de la guinguette de Trôo allumés et colorés, au bord de l'eau


It has all the charm of open-air cafes on the banks of the Marne. Tables covered in red-and-white tablecloths, fairy lights, dance floor and more… On the banks of the Loir, Guinguette des Iles de Trôo has truly earned its stripes as “Guinguette au Bord de L’Eau” (waterside open-air cafe). There, you can dance, sing and have a good time, to the sound of oompahs and accordions! 


Groupes de personnes attablés sous les arbres, à la Corne des Pâtures
E. Vandenbroucque – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Near Beaugency in Baule, Guinguette La Corne des Pâtures seems to blend right in with the Loire and surrounding nature. It is home to a perfect blend of art, culture and eco-responsibility! As for the programme of events, every day there’s something going on: concerts, outdoor cinema, local food market, games, children’s shows, and more, all for your pleasure! 


This summer, Guinguette “Le Ponton” (also known as “La Sardine”) will be back on Quai de Châtelet, on the banks of the Loire in Orléans. Come and discover local, organic products and a varied cultural programme at this summertime open-air cafe! 


Let’s stay on the banks of the Loire, but head to the south bank, to Guinguette La Paillote, where you can find a fantastic programme of live performances as soon as the fine weather arrives. At this open-air cultural venue, you can relax and enjoy street art, circus and music, while sipping a drink against the backdrop of the Loire! 

C. Mouton
Familles attablées et gens dans des transats sous les arbres, à La Paillote

Guinguette de Chinon on the banks of the Vienne, Guinguette Chez Oscar et Suzette on the banks of the Loire in Amboise, Guinguette Le Boui-Boui on Quai du Fort Alleaume in Orléans, Guinguette de Montbazon in the beautiful Indre Valley… As you can tell, there’s no shortage of open-air cafes on the banks of the Loire! They’re the perfect place to dance, sing, have a drink and simply enjoy the moment! 

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