Fillet of roast zander

A Centre recipe © 

Ingredients (for 4 people)
• 2 zander fillets (with the skin left on)
• 100g parsley root
• 100g Jerusalem artichokes
• 100g parsnips
• 100g carrots
• 200g Loire eel
• 2 boudin blanc sausages
• 1 bunch of chives
• 1 shallot
• 200ml veal stock
• 50ml truffle oil

Peel and wash the vegetables, then cut them into small 2mm cubes. Place them in a large amount of water, bring to the boil for several minutes and then leave to cool.
Prepare the Loire eel: remove the skin and cut out the fillets; cut them to the same thickness as the vegetables. Fry slowly all together in olive oil.
Take the boudin blanc sausages, remove the skin and slice thinly.
Cut the zander fillets into 4 equal portions. Take the portions one by one: slide your knife under the skin in order to separate the flesh from the skin. Stop 1cm from the edge of each side. Slip the boudin blanc sausage under the skin, forming a scale-like pattern. Cook the fish on the skin side to start with, and turn it over after several minutes
Brush with fresh butter to finish cooking it. Set aside on a hot plate.
Finely chop the shallot and chives. Mix them into the garnish and add a few drops of truffle oil. Heat up the veal stock.

Arrange the garnish in a circle in the middle of the plate.
Place the zander on top of the garnish, and draw a line of sauce around it.
Sprinkle with a couple of drops of truffle oil.
Decorate with fresh herbs.