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Swimming spots

The Loire Valley lakes and reservoirs are ideal spots for swimming, walking and picnicking, perfect for spending time together as a family. Here’s a quick glance at the best places to relax on sunny days. 

Lakes, reservoirs and leisure parks in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley lakes and reservoirs are an important part of the natural landscape. They are appreciated by both walkers and swimmers, who can relax with peace of mind thanks to the presence of lifeguards in summer. Some of these fully-equipped sites also offer activities. 

For example, near Nantes you will find the Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu leisure centre (in the Parc de la Boulogne) or, not far from Ancenis is the Grand Réservoir de Vioreau. These top swimming spots guarantee visitors a refreshing trip out in the water or under the trees!

Situated on the edge of Angers, the Lac de Maine leisure park stretches out over more than 220 hectares. Come and take a dip in the lake, which takes up half the park! A similar set-up can be found not far away in Ecouflant, at the Parc des Sablières. This pleasantly leafy park contains a reservoir which is lifeguarded during summer and a beach for you to set up camp with your beach umbrella and cool-box. The Saint-Blaise leisure park, situated a stone’s throw from the Mine Bleue, in Noyant-la-Gravoyère, is sure to please children.

Another wooded spot where you can swim, stroll, fish, or enjoy water sports is the Etang de la Vallée, in Combreux, in the heart of the forest of Orléans. And if you fancy going for a dip in the river, head to the Ile-Bouchard. In summer, the river Vienne is supervised by lifeguards, providing an ideal opportunity for enjoying the water! 
In Chalette-sur-Loing, a former quarry has been turned into a lake and is now the  Chalette-sur-Loing leisure park. Also, near Tours in Château-la-Vallière, stop off at the Lac Joyeux leisure park for a pedalo ride or to get back in shape along the fitness trail. 

A natural swimming pool 

Situated just 15 minutes’ drive away from the famous Château of Chambord, la Baignade Naturelle du Grand Chambord is an ideal place to go swimming. Why is it called a natural pool? Because the crystal-clear water constantly circulates between the bathing pool and the filtering pool, made up of aquatic plants. Suitable for everyone (the depth ranges from 20cm to 1m60), this 2000m² area of water and grassy banks is in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.