Sologne is full of beautiful, traditional villages with red brick and half-timbered houses. Let yourself be charmed by the warm atmosphere of these small towns nestling between woods and lakes. Here is our selection of the most beautiful villages in Sologne.

C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Le Village de Ligny-le-Ribault


Let’s start our tour of the most beautiful villages in Sologne with Ligny-le-Ribault. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be immersed in the rural atmosphere of the town: brick and half-timbered houses, an old wash house transformed into a picnic spot and, above all, forest as far as the eye can see. An eco-museum takes you back in time to discover the life of the village’s craftsmen in the 1900s. Come back to the present to visit the goats at the Ranch des Roves. This farm sells its goat’s milk cheeses in a short circuit: fresh, dry, ash-coated or in a mini version for an aperitif, the choice is yours!


Stop off at Jouy-le-Potier to discover all the charm and beauty of Sologne. Traditional houses, old farms, elegant châteaux, pretty churches… all surrounded by woods and lakes. As you explore, go into the Jardin de Chantal for a memorable experience. Hundreds of flowers will have you daydreaming in this magnificent garden. Take a break and sit on a bench to enjoy this oasis of greenery and serenity. For the more adventurous, Jouy-le-Potier is the starting point for hot-air balloon flights. Take to the skies with Ballons de Loire for a breathtaking panoramic view of Sologne and the Loire.

C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Balade dans le village de Jouy-le-Potier
C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Des femmes marchant dans le village Menestrau En Villette


Come and discover this charming Sologne village in the heart of nature and admire its traditional houses. Continue your walk at the Domaine du Ciran, an impressive observatory of the local flora and fauna. Soak up the local atmosphere by taking part in a fishing trip or a discovery trail in the forest. During your walk, you’re sure to catch a glimpse of the fifteen or so deer and hinds bred in the park. But for an unforgettable experience, come during the stag roaring season in September. On your way out, take a break at the Ferme du Ciran, located right next to the estate. You will find goat’s cheese produced on the farm, as well as baskets of fruit and vegetables, honey, fruit juices and local eggs.


Let’s continue our tour of the most beautiful villages in Sologne with Souvigny-en-Sologne. Drive through the unspoilt village and take the time to admire the roses and other flowers that adorn the houses. The church of Saint-Martin takes centre stage here, surrounded by greenery, flower beds and benches perfect for a break. This church features an original caquetoire, a place for exchanging ideas and gossiping in hushed tones… Just opposite the church, you can see the sculpted bust of Eugène Labiche, the famous playwright and former mayor of the town.

C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
L'église Saint-Martin, à Souvigny-en-Sologne
C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Balade à Chaumont-sur-Tharonne


As you stroll through this beautiful Sologne village, you’re sure to make a lot of encounters! Stroll through the squares and alleyways to discover the sculptures and works of art on display in Chaumont-sur-Tharonne. Hear the story of a passionate aviator, a chatty old lady or Napoleon Bonaparte’s natural son… This special walk will also take you into the surrounding woods, where you can admire animals carved directly into the trees. As you walk along, you’ll come across the village church, so don’t hesitate to push open the doors. You’ll discover a wooden ceiling, like an upside-down ship’s hull, impressive stained-glass windows and murals from Napoleon’s era.


Head for this typical Sologne village for a walk through forests and past lakes. Start with the theory, by visiting the Maison des Étangs. You’ll gain a better understanding of the importance of lakes in the Sologne landscape, as well as their cultural, economic and ecological roles, including fish farming. Then put this theory into practice and set off for a walk along the path around the Etang le Mouet. Plan to take a picnic break on the banks of the lake to make the most of this unspoilt environment. Throughout the summer, enjoy the Guinguette de Saint-Viâtre open-air cafe on the banks of a lake. Relaxation and good humour are on the agenda for your evening in Sologne.

C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Porche de l'église de Saint-Viâtre
OT Sologne Côté Sud
Romorantin : vue sur la Sauldre et le musée de la Sologne depuis le Grand pont.

Romorantin- Lanthenay

Welcome to the capital of Sologne! Discover this authentic town and follow the guided tour to discover its history and past, closely linked to Leonardo da Vinci and Francis I. You can also discover the natural environment, history and traditions of Sologne during your visit to the Sologne museum. Temporary exhibitions are regularly featured in addition to the permanent collections. And to discover the surrounding area, take part in a nature discovery walk in Sologne. Accompanied by an enthusiastic guide, observe the lakes in the heart of the forest and admire the wild fauna and flora of the surrounding area.


Passing through Chaon? Stop off and visit this small Sologne village. The calm and tranquil setting will take you away from your daily routine for a stroll along the lanes and in the woods. Visit the Maison du Braconnage poaching museum, which traces the history of this clandestine tradition in Sologne. This fun museum offers a child-friendly tour through the five exhibition halls. It has also become a place for culture and exchange, where local residents come together to enjoy a year-round cultural programme.

C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Balade dans le village de Chaon
C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Promenade au bord d'un étang de Sologne, sur la Route des étangs, entre La Ferté-Beauharnais et Marcilly-en-Gault


This beautiful Sologne village will be the ideal starting point for the perfect family day out. Start by discovering its houses, squares and alleyways by following a thrilling Explor’Games challenge. The whole family will enjoy discovering the heritage of the Sologne region in a fun and entertaining way. Then, by bike or on foot, follow the Route des Étangs to discover this natural wealth so typical of the region. Take time out to admire these stretches of water in the middle of the forest, and you’ll feel cut off from the world. You’re sure to catch a glimpse of the ballet of birds on the lakes. Don’t forget your binoculars so you don’t miss any of the action!

La Ferté-Imbault

The woods of Sologne hide many châteaux, but this village is home to a magnificent one: the Château of La Ferté-Imbault. It is a real pride of the village, and has been tastefully restored by its new owners, who have also carefully landscaped the gardens. By prior arrangement, you can take a guided tour of part of the château and its grounds. And if you really want to get away from it all, follow one of the village’s signposted walking tracks, so you can admire the lakes and take your time walking through the forest.

Olivier. O
Vue aérienne du château de la Ferte Imbault
D. Darrault – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Salon de thé de la Maison Tatin. Tasses, théière et assiettes avec des parts de tarte Tatin sur une table.


We finish this discovery of the most beautiful villages of Sologne with a visit to Lamotte-Beuvron. Discovering this village will be a delicious experience, as it was here that the Tarte Tatin was invented by the sisters of the same name. Visit La Maison Tatin to taste this famous upside-down tart, whose recipe we share with you here. This establishment also offers rooms for overnight stays and a spa for a relaxing break. In fine weather, enjoy an evening by the water at the open-air cafe Le M.A.X. With family or friends, the friendly atmosphere and bucolic setting are sure to charm you!

So? Which most beautiful village in Sologne will you choose to start your discoveries?

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