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La Vallée du Roussard (petite boucle)

In the heart of the Perche Vendômois, set off "en roue libre" to discover our landscapes of hedged farmland and this very special stone called "Roussard" used in the local heritage.

Itinerary details

Tourist on bicycle


Whether for churches, houses, farms or castles, everywhere you will see this material in the specific colour used for construction.
Many surprises await you: push open the doors of our churches and let yourself be amazed by the murals you will discover, put your bikes down for a few moments to get closer to the quarry of La Mutte where the roussard stone was extracted, take the time to visit the castle that you can see from the road… In short, disconnect from your everyday life and reconnect with nature!
Durée02h00Distance21.7 km

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