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The wooded farmland of the Abloux valley – trail no.10

The delightful, changing landscapes along this trail make the sometimes fairly steep climbs well worth the effort! Pedal along through wooded farmland, wild valley, winding woodland paths and architectural heritage.

Itinerary details

Tourist on bicycle
Cultural, Natural


With this trail we give you a chance to explore another Regional Nature Park, La Brenne, nestling in fresh, rolling greenery. The going is in no way tough, just a bit steep at times up the sides of the Abloux valley. But you won't regret it – you'll be keeping fit and, best of all, be rewarded with the gorgeous scenery of this wild little valley. The rest of the trail ambles gently up and down through woods and fields, away from the busy roads, with châteaux and traditional stone houses scattered here and there. Spare your calf muscles by following the trail in the direction described!
Durée02h30Distance29.0 km
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