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Along the Creuse – trail no.11

The trail weaves its way through the Creuse valley, climbing the hillside before running alongside the river on the Greenway. As you make your way over St-Gaultier viaduct, you'll be treated to a stunning view over the village and the old priory. Mills and châteaux dot the way.

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Tourist on bicycle


This is one of three trails along the River Creuse via the "Voie Verte", an old railway which has been converted into a safe cycle path. Begin your ride at Saint-Gaultier by admiring a delightful little church and then climb the gentle hillside on the left bank through fields of crops dotted with traditional stone villages and small private châteaux. The tree-shaded stretch of the "Voie Verte" between Chitray and Rivarennes is particularly pleasant. We recommend that you spare your calf muscles by following the trail in the direction described – this way the only steep bit comes after Rivarennes.
Durée02h30Distance30.0 km
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