Beauval Zoo, a name that promises fabulous journeys to exotic lands, to the heart of the savannah or the jungle, up close and personal with the animals! And with good reason: this exceptional zoo in the Loire Valley, considered to be one of the most beautiful animal parks in the world, invites you to spend an unforgettable day with your family or friends in the company of 35,000 animal species over 44 hectares. Here’s our advice on how to best organise your visit and make the most of this fantastic place!


Bébé panda roux dans un arbre

Beauval is the story of a family who chose to devote their lives to animals. It all began in the 1970s, when Françoise Delord won two birds (African silverbills). This was the beginning of her great passion for animals and biodiversity. She then decided to move to the countryside, to Beauval, near Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher, 1 hour from Tours.

She was a committed woman of great conviction, and opened the Beauval ornithological park in 1980. Over time, other incredible species joined the birds, in ever-larger spaces designed to promote animal welfare. Today, Françoise’s children, Delphine and Rodolphe, along with his wife Sophie, continue her precious legacy: the 4th most beautiful zoo in the world, where 800 animal species live together in an exceptional environment!


Visiting Beauval Zoo gives you a chance to see some extraordinary animals up close! Pandas (the only place where you can see them in France), koalas (the same is true), manatees, rhinoceroses, big cats and baby animals by the hundred!

Zoo Parc de Beauval

Visiting Beauval ZooParc gives you a chance to see some extraordinary animals up close.


From the tropical forest to the immense African savannah plain, explore the different zones of the Beauval ZooParc and admire its full diversity! The site’s 44 hectares are divided into around twenty unique territories, adapted to the needs of each species and designed with their well-being in mind. Among the zoo’s highlights, don’t miss:

  • The tremendous Equatorial Dome, one of Beauval’s most incredible creations, featuring several hundred animals (manatees, pygmy hippos, Komodo dragons, and more) in an exotic environment
  • The Land of the Lions, for a unique experience up close to big cats, meerkats and wild dogs
  • The Hippopotamus Reserve, a three-level facility where the animals can be seen through a huge glass window alongside bongos and pelicans
  • The African Savannah, an immense plain where more than 30 species live together, including white rhinoceroses, giraffes, wildebeests, zebras and giant tortoises
  • The Elephant Plains, the largest in France, where you can also see okapis and mongooses
  • The Koala Greenhouse, where you can see (among other things) the adorable Australian koalas, the only ones in France
  • The Bird Tropical Greenhouse, an incredible space where multicoloured feathers flourish amidst plants and waterfalls
  • The Gorilla Greenhouse, imposing great apes share the space with common patas monkeys
  • The Orangutan and Chimpanzee Greenhouse, with various species of marmoset
  • The Penguin Pool, where you can watch the penguins swim underwater.

To help you find your way around the park, download the park’s mobile application, which includes a map of the site and all the areas described above.


Since its creation in 1980, the ZooParc has continued to innovate. Every year, it surprises and delights its visitors with new spaces. The latest? The Great South American Aviary, the largest in Europe, where you can meet more than 500 birds as you cross suspension bridges, or the new Care Centre dedicated to local wild fauna.


How about discovering Beauval in a different way? Stroll through the zoo and observe the animals to your heart’s content, but don’t miss out on the full ZooParc experience by immersing yourself in some unique activities! The Nuage de Beauval cable car takes you soaring 40 metres above the park. It’s the perfect opportunity to admire the different species in absolute peace and quiet and take in the breathtaking panoramic views! You won’t need an extra ticket to use the cable car.

Otarie glissant sur des rochers

The park also offers two shows that are not to be missed: L’Odyssée des Lions de Mer, featuring sea lions and their funny antics in the aquatic amphitheatre, and Les Maîtres des Airs, a sensational aerial ballet with over 600 birds. All the more reason to let yourself be charmed by the magic of Beauval!

There are also many activities for children at the Maison Beauval Nature, along the Historic Alley, which showcases the various conservation programmes run by the Beauval Nature association. The goal is to raise awareness among curious children (and adults) of the need to protect biodiversity. Face-painting, making birdhouses, puzzle books… There are free or paid workshops helping children to learn while having fun!


The ZooParc has created an unbelievable world tour in its hotels and restaurants, much like the exotic experience you can enjoy with its animals.


Stay in one of the 5 establishments near the ZooParc to really get away from it all and enjoy the setting over several days if you wish! A total of four hotels and a hotel residence welcome you just a few minutes’ walk from the park:


Ensuring that you have special moments at Beauval ZooPark also means that we pay attention to the little details that make things easy for everyone. There are 16 restaurants in the park to choose from. What’s on the menu? Different cuisines from around the world to delight your taste buds! Are you more of a picnic person? Good news: There are two dedicated picnic areas near each entrance, for lunch in the shade or in the sun.

There are also a number of shops in the park where you can pick up souvenirs from your fabulous day out with family and friends. Cuddly toys, fun and interactive books, as well as local and regional products, made in France or in the region: there’s something for everyone (and all tastes!).


To save time on the big day and make the most of your visit, book your tickets online in advance. Not only will you save time (no queuing!), but you’ll be guaranteed access to the zoo even when it’s extremely busy. All you have to do is choose the package that suits you best: the 1-day pass or the 2-day pass!

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