Spend a weekend at the Château of Chambord and explore the royal world of Francis I. A château of gigantic proportions, French formal gardens, bike rides, boat trips and vast woodland grounds… The Château of Chambord awaits you!

Discover the Château of Chambord Castle over a weekend 

L. Desserres – OT Blois Chambord
Château de Villesavin

Enter the world of the Château of Chambord at the time of Francis I, using the Histopad. This tour uses cutting-edge technology to take you back in time to see the decor and fittings of the past, recreated in 3D and virtual reality. You can also choose to visit the château on your own and find your way from room to room. Have fun on the famous double helix staircase attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, where you can climb either side without ever crossing paths. Come out onto the terraces. The view over the French formal gardens and woodland grounds is simply magical!

The Château of Chambord with children 

Are you coming to spend the weekend at the Château of Chambord with your children? Cassandra the Salamander is waiting to take them on a fun tour. With a puzzle book in hand, they will be off to find out the mystery word to obtain a reward. There is a wide choice of ways to explore the château grounds, including pedal cars, electric buggies, bicycles and even a boat or electric boats on the Cosson canal.  

L. Letot – Domaine National de Chambord
Famille qui pique-nique sur l'herbe devant le château de Chambord

The Renaissance gardens of the Château of Chambord 

At the foot of Château of Chambord, the Renaissance gardens commissioned by Louis XIV and completed during the reign of Louis XV have recently been restored to their former glory. They cover almost 6.5 hectares and form a green passageway between the forest and the north facade of the château. After a stroll around the grounds, head for the terraces to admire the elegant flowerbeds from above. 

The vegetable gardens at Chambord

L. Desserres – Domaine National de Chambord
Les potagers de Chambord

The vegetable gardens at the Château of Chambord have been established in the historic grounds of the Marshal of Saxony’s stables. Created using permaculture methods, these organic vegetable gardens and farm can be visited on your own or in the company of a gardener. They are planted with 140 heirloom varieties of fruit trees and more than 40 varieties of vegetables. You will also find heirloom vegetables or those grown during the Renaissance, as well as a host of aromatic and medicinal plants.  Make the most your weekend at the Château of Chambord to explore them.

The grounds of the Château of Chambord

The grounds of the Château of Chambord cover 5,440 hectares, an area the size of central Paris itself! Although the entire estate is not accessible, giving the animals peace and tranquillity, over 20 kilometres of walkways and 15 kilometres of cycle paths give you the chance to get up close and personal with the flora and fauna. From the park’s many observatories, with a little patience and discretion, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some of the many animals that live on the estate. 

“Francis I, the Knight-King”: the show at the Château of Chambord 

Admire the incredible horse and birds of prey show at the Marshal of Saxony’s stables. The show will take you to the court of Francis I. You will witness a grand cavalcade in which knights and horses compete in six tableaux, illustrating the great moments of the reign of “Francis I, the Knight-King”. Overhead, birds of prey perform an aerial ballet, even brushing against your shoulders! 

Chambord Passport 

To make the most your weekend at the Château of Chambord and all the activities on offer on the estate, opt for the “Chambord Passport”. It will give you access to the château and its gardens, hire of a Histopad for an immersive tour of the rooms of the château and admission to the horse and birds of prey show. This ticket also entitles you to a discount on one of the leisure activities. 

Balade en barque devant le château de Chambord

Lunch at the Château of Chambord 

At lunchtime, whatever your tastes, you’re bound to find a table to suit you. You have plenty of choices, whether you prefer small-scale catering or more elaborate traditional cuisine. You may also decide to have a picnic. A number of areas are available in the forest. You can even sit on the lawns facing the château for a truly royal picnic!

The Chambord Maison des Vins, local produce market and other delicacies

Leonard Deserres
Maison des Vins de Chambord

During your weekend at the Château of Chambord, don’t miss a visit to the Chambord Maison des Vins. You’ll walk on glass slabs under which bottles of AOC Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny are stored. An original, digital distribution system will allow you to taste 3 or 5 wines from the fifty or so white, red and rosé wines on offer. 
Right next door is the Chambord biscuit shop, where you can enjoy delicious little biscuits. In season, don’t miss the local produce market on Place Saint-Louis. Local producers and artisans set up their stands on certain days, offering you Sologne honey, game or fish terrines, and more. 

Sleep at the Château of Chambord

Why not spend a night just a stone’s throw from the Château of Chambord in the heart of Francis I’s estate? On Place Saint-Louis, the hotel “Le Relais de Chambord” offers 55 rooms and suites, some with exceptional views of the château and gardens. For lunch or dinner, try the gourmet bistro cuisine of its restaurant “Le Grand Saint-Michel”. 
For your weekend at the Château de Chambord, you can also stay in one of the château’s gîtes. With a capacity of ten people, the “La Hannetière” gîte is just 3 kilometres from the château. On the edge of the Chambord forest, in the heart of nature, the “La Gabillière” gîte sleeps six people. All two offer top-quality services and comfort.

Anne Emmanuelle Thion
Chambre au Relais de Chambord

Other essential visits during your weekend at the Château of Chambord 

After exploring the Château of Chambord, continue your discoveries in the surrounding area:

· The Château of Villesavin was built for Jean le Breton, finance secretary to Francis I, who supervised the construction of the Château of Chambord 

· The Château of Beauregard and its famous Portrait Gallery with 327 portraits of illustrious figures 

· Take a stroll along the paths of Sologne with a friendly companion: Les Anes de Madame

· Is the weather hot? Cool off at the Grand Chambord Natural Swimming Pool. You can bathe in water filtered only by aquatic plants! 

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