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Les lentilles vertes du Berry

Introduced in Berry in the 1950s, lentils rapidly found their letters of nobility in the Loire Valley. Although well adapted to the terroir and mild climate of Champagne Berrichonne, they owe their enduring existence to the know-how of passionate producers.
Our producers, proud of their culture, produce the Green Berry Lentil to complement their cereals on selected land, following strict and rigorous specifications. Without authorization and without following the Label Rouge and IGP specifications, the farmer cannot produce the Green Berry Lentil even if he grows it in the appellation area. From the Anicia seed to the harvest, the know-how and recommendations of the technicians of the Association Lentilles Vertes du Berry allow to obtain beautiful lentils ready to be sorted. The sorting, done in the heart of the growing area, is carefully carried out by qualified personnel, in order to obtain a product worthy of the Label Rouge.
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