Domaine Claude Riffault

The cultivation of the vine is essential to obtain fine, precise wines.
As attentive winegrowers, our role is to maintain the best possible balance between the soil and the plant according to the climate.
Each locality has its own geological characteristics. The resulting grapes are vinified and matured separately. Each of our wines is linked to its origin.
The vines are particularly monitored. Each of them has its own rhythm according to its age, its exposure or its grape variety.
The soils are plowed and scratched. A plant cover, controlled between rows, allows the flora to be preserved and the life of the soil to be activated. Pruning, disbudding and trellising are rigorous. They make it possible to adjust production, to aerate the vegetation and the grapes in order to obtain perfect maturity and an irreproachable state of health.
Manual harvesting followed by sorting ensures the respect and integrity of the grapes until pressing (Whites and Rosé) or vats (Reds).




AOC : Oui
  • AOC Sancerre



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