Hot Air Balloon – "Air Pégasus"

Feel like taking to the air? Air Pegasus offers unusual hot-air ballooning services: romantic dinner above a chateau, fireworks displays, flights with champagne on arrival, maiden flights, etc.
Just before taking off, it is at dawn or at the end of the day that the balloons start to move in the breezes, (the crew is autonomous but will be pleased, if you wish, to invite you to participate in the inflation of the aircraft) You will then be able to defy the laws of weightlessness gently, just with the breath of the burner, then after the awareness of total safety and any absence of dizziness or inconvenience due to altitude, the touch of the trees at a few hundred meters you will have all the leisure to discover, the villages, the patchwork of fields and meadows sometimes unsuspected wonders of the ground. It will even be possible to surprise the activity of the fauna…
We speak : French, English


Full adult price
(Exclusive flight, private basket (Per person))

Full adult price
(Dinner on board (Per person))

Payment options

  • Cheques
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Currency
  • Cash
  • Money transfer


Animals friendly




4 rue du magasin
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