Trips on the Loire

Accomanied by a guide, boatman or fisherman, relive the fascinating era of Loire inland water transport! Board a traditional boat like a Toue or Fûtreau to explore Loire Valley landscapes and let the enthusiasts tell you the story of the river's past and present: a historical, authentic and convivial experience.

Embark aboard a traditional Loire boat

First step: familiarise yourself with the strange-sounding names of the flat-bottomed boats like Toues Cabanées, Fûtreaux, Plates, Gabares etc. The best way to do so is to step aboard for a few hours and sail down the Loire, leaving from small ports like the ports of Candes Saint-Martin, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Blois and Sigloy opposite the Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire Abbey.
The enthusiastic captains love story-telling and promise you one of the most fascinating trips, which will be far from passive! You will be invited to take part in operations like hoisting the sail or pulling at the oars, and your adventure might even include an aperitif together upon your return or on a small island in the Loire…

Try out the experience from Sigloy with the Passeurs de Loire, who are also professional fishermen who you can accompany on one of their trips. 
In the Loire Valley, you will have no trouble finding a Toue or other traditional boat aboard which to embark! Here are some addresses:
•       La Martinienne at the Musée des Mariniers (Mariners' Museum) in Chouzé sur Loire;
•       The Margot and Erdre Toues of the Boutavant Association in Tours;
•       La Sterne (12-passenger Toue Sablière) in Orléans;
•       La Belle Adèle and L’Amarante in Candes-Saint-Martin;
•       L’Observatoire de Loire, Blois at the Port de la Creusille in Blois
•       La Saponaire in Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire (near Blois);
•       Millière Raboton guides (leaving from Chaumont-sur-Loire and Amboise);
•       The association La Rabouilleuse in Rochecorbon 
•       The association Endremage in Langeais
•       ​The Passeurs de Loire in Sigloy
​•       ​La Brise Chapelonne in La Chapelle sur Loire.

Cross the Loire from one bank to the other in a traditional boat

Before the arrival of the bridges over the Loire, men crossed the river using the famous "Passeurs de Loire" which at that time acted as shuttles. 

If you ride along the route of the Loire à Vélo cycling trail around La Chapelle-sur-Loire, you can cross free of charge from one bank of the Loire to the other using the Brise Chapelonne Toue.

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