The wooded countryside of Véron

Situated to the south of Véron, before the point where the Loire and the Vienne converge, the wooded countryside of Véron is full of exceptional natural spaces including wetland and dry areas. This duality has produced a unique range of local wildlife with a large number of different species.

The wooded countryside of Véron: flood plains

It is thanks to humans that this large marsh was turned into flood plains. How? By digging ditches and planting double hedges of pruned trees. Every year, or nearly, the waters of the Vienne flood the Véron landscape. 

This creates a wetland area that is perfect for the snake's head fritillare, a small, attractive purple flower in the shape of a bell from the tulip family. It can be seen all over the wetland meadows with the arrival of spring. Delightful! However, it is a protected species which can be admired but must not be picked!

Take in all the biodiversity of this land thanks to the explanation panels positioned along the path indicated "Le Véron, un pays à fleur d’eau". 

The wildlife of the wooded countryside of Véron

As you wander along the wooded paths you will notice patches of wild flowers (bittercress, yellow iris) and small animals. There are a large number of varieties living here including amphibians, insects and birds.

The corn crake, an endangered migratory bird, is known for its nocturnal call. It is a discrete creature, hiding in the meadows and wetland areas to avoid being disturbed, especially during the nesting season. With a bit of luck you might see it poking out the tip of its beak. 

To learn more, head to the Ecomusée du Véron (Ecomusem of Veron) at the heart of the site. Among other things it offers exhibitions, themed outings and visits to its conservation farm devoted to ancient local species of farm animals (pigs, cows, sheep etc.)
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