Sologne: forests, moors and lakes

A patchwork of natural landscapes, Sologne is the perfect place for holidays surrounded by nature. Set out to explore its attractive moors, forests and lakes and discover a large variety of plant and animals along the way!

The Sologne countryside: a promise of green trouism

Sologne is an unspoilt gem. Its varied landscape contains forests of birches and ferns as well as lakes, wetland meadows and moors, all of which can be discovered by following a signposted circular loop.

Although nature seems to reign unchecked here, the 3,000 lakes within Sologne were created by humans from the Middle Ages onwards. On the moors, you can admire landscapes of purple heather stretching as far as the eye can see, while in the wetland meadows other plants flourish such as the magnificent red and violet orchids growing in the meadows, not situated on a flood plain.

As you walk along the discovery trail across duckboards through the La Guette peatland  (Neuvy sur Barangeon), you will see cotton flowers and Sundews, which are curious carnivorous plants!

Observing the wildlife in Sologne

Such lush plantlife can only be home to a range of animals that knows no equal. Among the fifty or so types of mammals living here you will see stags, roes and does.
The lakes are home to a multitude of fish as well as a peculiar type of eel called the Brook Lamprey, whose mouth is also a sucker.
Take a moment to stop and watch large numbers of dragonflies flitting through the tall grasses, then head to the Beaumont lake observatory for a better understanding of this teeming micro-world.

In the sky you will undoubtably spot an Osprey or two hunting for fish. Like many other birds of prey, it makes its nest in the pine trees. 

Sologne is home to a variety of bired all year round. The area boasts approximately 220 bird species, including migratory birds (such as the great egret) and springtime visitors (purple heron) as well as sedentary birds (western marsh harrier, great crested grebe etc.)
For more information, visit the maison des étangs in Saint Viâtre.

Follow a guide!

The association called Sologne Nature Environnement proposes various outings in the company of a nature guide, on the theme of plants, animals and landscapes.
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