A wealth of flourishing natural spaces

The Loire Valley is full of exceptional natural spaces such as the majestic Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park and the Forest of Orléans. Large numbers of bird colonies inhabit local sites such as wetland areas, the Lower Valleys of Anjou, the wooded countryside of Véron, Grand-Lieu Lake and Brière Regional Nature Park. Sologne stretches out over a vast area and is a mosaic of different types of countryside including forests, moors and lakes. The Loire river is a migration route for numerous fish and bird species, such as terns and black-headed gulls, and is also home to beavers.

The protected area listed by Unesco covers a distance of 280 km, but the natural spaces stretch further than that, going right up to the estuary. They offer a range of nature-based activities including bird and animal watching and trips on traditional Loire boats.