The "Maisons de Loire"


The majestic yet unpredictable Loire is home to a wealth of wildlife that is well worth discovering! This is the central mission of the three Maisons de Loire in the Loire Valley. Let yourself be guided by the multitude of activities they have to offer: walks from island to island with professional guides, observing plants and animals, guided workshops, exhibitions etc.

The Maisons de Loire: for the love of a river

The Maisons de Loire all have the same goal: to share their passion for the Loire. Cross their thresholds and the Royal River will be revealed to you!
They all offer substantially similar activities: nature outings in the company of a guide, permanent and temporary exhibitions, workshops for all ages...
With their assistance, discover the life of the Loire throughout history: its interactions with mankind, the trades linked to it, its biodiversity, its wild islands...

The Maisons de Loire for exploring the landscapes of the Loire Valley

  • At the Maison de Jargeau (Loiret), you can book a "Loire stroll" with a professional guide. A passionate connoisseur of the river, he will treat you to you a truly privileged visit. On foot, by canoe or bicycle, observe close-up the sand banks of the Loire with its birds and beavers, sometimes just as the sun is going down....
  • The Maison de Saint-Dyé-Sur-Loire (Loir-et-Cher) contains an amazing interactive museum covering 115 . Entitled "Renaissance de Loire", it combines different scenery and lighting effects and audiovisual shows, sounds and sensory features, together with educational games. Delve into the heart of the events that have marked the history of the Loire to discover all the river's natural and cultural dimensions. With the Observatoire Loire (Loir-et-Cher) you can explore the life of the Loire with all its history and diversity. From morning to dusk, board a traditional boat to gain a clearer understanding of this magical river. Lights, atmospheres, heritage... come and enjoy an experience that is100% nature in the heart of Blois!
  • At the Maison de Montlouis-sur-Loire (Touraine), traditional Loire boats are celebrated through the permanent exhibition called "Le bateau de Loire et le territoire fluvial" (Loire boats and the area around the river). A 3-metre model of a "chaland" barge notably showcases the glorious era of the Loire, once a major route for river trade.