The Loire Valley, a famous fishing spot


With its numerous ponds, lakes and canals, the Loire river itself and its tributaries, the Loire Valley is not lacking in fishing spots! Some Local fishermen even earn a living from it. Whether amateur or professional, come along with your fishing rod and try your luck with the zander, carp and pike... 

Fishing in the Loire Valley

The Loire is home to numerous species of fish, including  zander, carp and pike. On the banks of the river or aboard a boat, you will be enchanted by the peaceful nature of this activity. At least, until a fish bites! Then it is up to you whether to keep or release it...

Rivers, Loire tributaries, lakes and ponds are just as suitable for fishing; examples include the Rillé Lake and the lakes of Sologne, where you can catch carp.

In canals such as the Briare canal or the Orléans canal that runs through a forest, you will find perch and carp. The same forest also has a large number of ponds which are home to predators like pike and large perch.

In the city or guided: unusual fishing experiences

Urban or "street fishing" offers the chance of going fishing in town! Try catching some perch in an iconic Loire Valley town like Orléans.

Lastly, share the experience with a qualified instructor who will introduce to all the fishing techniques and teach you still fishing or sport fishing (including hunting for a huge catfish around 2 metres long and weighing 100 kg, for example!). Children can also take part in nature fishing workshops.

Fishing: a regulated activity​

Before going fishing you need to buy a fishing permit in advance, valid for one or more days. Also make sure you respect all the regulations in effect (the size of fish that may be kept, periods in which fishing is not allowed etc.)

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