Food and wine pairings

There is a sort of magic created when Loire Valley wines are paired with excellent regional produce. Besides their colour (white, rosé, red), form (still or sparkling) and flavour (dry, soft, semi-dry, sweet, smooth and syrupy) Loire Valley wines also promise moments conviviality. They will work wonders with a variety of dishes, be it meat or fish, and will perfectly accompany a platter of (goat's!) cheese or a dessert... Here is a small selection of different possible food and wine pairings.

Which Loire wines with fish and meat?

White Loire Valley wines go well with fish, especially species pulled from the Loire itself! Accompany a dish of pike au beurre blanc or fillet of perch à la meunière with a glass of Chinon, Sancerre or white Savennières.

Alternatively, a young fresh Muscadet will go well with a plate of oysters. White wines can also accompany white meats.

To wash down a dish of red meat, grilled meat, steak or game served with a sauce, there is nothing like a glass of fine red wine, such as a Touraine or a Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. Anjou Village also pairs well with red meats or meats in a sauce (tournedos Rossini, braised veal shank...)

Pairing wines, cheeses and desserts 

The Loire Valley is not only famous for its great wines but also for its excellent goat's cheese, and the two products go extremely well together!

Types of locally-produced goat's cheese include the famous Sainte-Maure de Touraine, which can be washed down with a glass of dry white Touraine or light red Chinon or Bourgueil wine.

If you're tasting a Selles-sur-Cher or Pouligny Saint Pierre goat's cheese, opt instead for a dry white like Sancerre, Chinon, Valençay or Pouilly-Fumé.

Alternatively, discover the perfect harmony of a goat's cheese enjoyed with wine from the same region, in particular Valençay and a glass of the eponymous wine, or Chavignol crottin and a (white) Sancerre. Both pairings are a unique experience!

For dessert, there is a wide choice of Loire Valley whites, but a glass of Coteau du Layon or sweet (or sparkling) Vouvray stand out as being particularly pleasant.

Crémant de Loire is ideal as an aperitif or for festive occasions, as well as being perfect with desserts of brioche, biscuits, ice creams and sorbets.

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