Carriage rides and donkey walks

Discover the Loire Valley accompanied by horses and donkeys, children's favourite travel companions! Enjoy a carriage ride through Loire towns and countryside just like in the olden days, and share special moments together as you travel along forest paths with a donkey, from villages to Loire châteaux. 

Carriage rides, ideal for exploring the countryside 

Visit the Loire Valley like in the olden days in a horse-drawn carriage. 

Discover some of the châteaux of the Loire by carriage, like the Royal Château of Blois. With les Attelages de Blois, you will also be able to explore the old roads of the town and its banks on the Loire.

Finish off a visit to the Jardins de Villandry with a carriage ride, allowing you to discover the confluence of Loire and the Cher.

Donkey walks in the Loire Valley

With their big soft ears and legendary character, the donkeys will win your heart during the walk. Discover the landscape and the châteaux of the Loire in a different way in their company, walking at their pace which is similar to our own (when the donkeys aren't cheeky!), around 4km/h.

After being introduced to your companion for the outing, it's time to set off! Although you won't be riding the donkeys you can lead them with a tether, and they will still carry your things, and the youngest members of the group will sometimes be able to hop on their back... 

Decide whether you want to set out for several hours or a whole day, depending on your desires and the age of your children. Enjoy a picnic lunch or snack in the area around Cheverny, for example, with one of the 14 donkeys of the Ânes de Madame
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