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Box beam ceilings, walls covered with enamel painted canvases, moulded panelling, magnificently sculpted furniture covered with Cordoba leather, Aubusson tapestries... Nothing was too exquisite for Jacques Groslot, baillif of the King of France and a keen advocate of modernism! Behind the beautiful red-brick façade built between 1549 and 1558, you will discover the history of this private residence transformed into a "community building" over time: first as a reception room, then the former Council room and the mayor office and finally, the wedding room where François II died during the 1560 Estates General with his mother, Catherine de Médicis. With Géomotifs, collect motif and discover more about the story of this spectacular place.

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  • Motorway 5 km
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  • Groups welcome (up to 80 people)
  • Pets not allowed


Place de l'Etape
45000, ORLEANS
Centre ville Orleans_-6

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