30 years of the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire 

In 2022, the International Garden Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary. This year’s edition has the theme of “Ideal Garden”, promising even more innovative blooms, audacious creations and unique materials!  

The International Garden Festival has now been enchanting visitors for three decades. Season after season, invited artists - landscape gardeners, architects, designers and more - create ever-more surprising gardens based on the year’s theme.  

2022 International Garden Festival: time to consider the ideal garden!  

As a true laboratory for contemporary landscape creation, the next edition of the International Garden Festival will pay tribute to the “ideal garden”. Can it be beautiful, good, organic, comforting, innovative, water- and energy-efficient, and peaceful, all at the same time? Stroll through the gardens to discover the “ideal garden” as imagined by the designers invited for the 30th edition.  

This year the designers are showcasing unexpected materials, like stained-glass windows made from pockets of coloured water, ground made from multicoloured bottles, fountains made from recycled plastic, partitions made from hemp rope, not to mention the spectacular, giant “Oyas” watering systems... The “ideal garden” also draws inspiration from innovative drainage systems, daring water purification solutions and original irrigation methods. Of course, there’s no shortage of colour, from blues to deep reds. New materials, new plants, new designs, new techniques and more will surprise and enthral you once again! Check out all the different “ideal gardens” and discover whether these verdant worlds can bring together all our expectations in a single place. One thing is sure from one year to the next: you will always find surprises and creativity at the International Garden Festival!  

Practical info: International Garden Festival at Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire, from 21 April to 6 November 2022.  

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