Atelier 53

Didier Mori creates sculptures in cardboard. It's a personal and original technique that allows for strong, original expressivity. In this way, "vile materials" achieve more than the invisible service to which they were promised. Open outside opening hours by appointment.
After years of academic art practice, through modeling, drawing and painting, Didier Mori began researching eco-diverse or bio-sourced materials such as newspaper, creek soil mixed with lime, sand, straw or cardboard.
Atelier 53, in downtown Bourges, is both an art gallery and a workshop for the creation of sculptures, paintings and drawings. Didier Mori invites you to meet him and discuss his work.
Exhibition of terracotta sculptures, paintings and drawings in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and charcoal.
These works are produced on site, and a presentation of the means and techniques used can be given.
We speak : French


Horaires d'ouverture du 01 January au 31 December 2024
LundiOuvert de 15h à 19h
MardiOuvert de 15h à 19h
MercrediOuvert de 15h à 19h
JeudiOuvert de 15h à 19h
VendrediOuvert de 15h à 19h
SamediOuvert de 15h à 19h


Other rates
400 €2000 €

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  • Cheques
  • Cash



53 rue d'Auron
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