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The splendour of the Château of Chambord revealed through the HistoPad

Thanks to the HistoPad, a new-generation tool, visits to the Château of Chambord now offer an immersive experience that will plunge visitors into the time of Francis I. Discover the decor and layouts of bygone times, fully recreated through 3D technology and virtual reality.

The Château of Chambord was recently equipped with the HistoPad, a new tool at the cutting edge of technology to allow visitors to discover the château during the sumptuous reign of Francis I.  Discover the decor and layout of the rooms during the Renaissance period through a digital tablet, augmented reality and 3D recreations. From Francis I’s clothes storehouse to the large room destined for the king’s audiences, this immersive experience offers a digital exploration of 19 key rooms as well as a fun treasure hunt for children and a dashboard for saving your favourite locations in this vast royal residence. Available in 12 languages, the HistoPad is suitable for all visitors, offering an interactive, fun and informative visit.