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The Château of Chambord rediscovers its former glory

The Domain of Chambord has launched a new project to revive its interiors with the reconstitution of decor from the travelling court of Francis I.

At the time of Francis I, the French royal Court still travelled from residence to residence, taking with it furniture, tableware and upholstery to ensure comfort in each location. Chambord, the King’s favourite château, was adorned at the time with a multitude of movable decors and fabrics that have now been re-created as they were when he last stayed here, in 1545. This embellishment project, entrusted to the well-known decorator and scenographer Jacques Garcia, will plunge visitors into a festive Renaissance atmosphere from a time when Chambord was lavishly furnished and brought to life by the arrival of the court. Francis I’s bedchamber has also been restored and can be visited. All these new features offer a unique visitor experience in which the king’s presence in the château seems almost tangible....