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Hidden treasure: extraordinary stables

Amongst the countless other splendours, the Broglie couple adorned the estate with some magnificent stables which have been kept in pristine condition. Admire this equine palace and discover its many installations, which feature splendid harnessing rooms and a collection of horse-drawn carriages.
At the end of the 19th century, the horse was at the forefront of all aristocratic minds. It represented a symbol of prestige for the fashionable elite. Since all families of repute had to have stables, naturally the Broglie couple owned the most impressive stables in all of Europe! In 1877, the royal couple commissioned the building of an equine palace to architect Paul-Ernest Sanson who furnished it with electric arc lighting, a feature so modern that only the Garnier Opera House and Paris City Hall also had one.
The large stable was divided up into several sections, each section being relevant to the many needs of the horses: stalls for the standard horses, stalls for the thoroughbreds, a pony stable and a stable for guests to put their horses in. One area was reserved for the kitchens and another for the work saddlery, adjacent to the show saddlery. When visiting, be sure to take a moment to admire the wonderful collection of harnesses, certain parts of which even came from the famous Hermès in Paris. In the carriage house, you will find four magnificent models which belonged to Prince and Princess Broglie: a Petit-Duc carriage, a Vis-à-Vis, a Landau and an Omnibus. You can also admire an extremely rare piece, a grand Berlin Coach upholstered in the finest blue silk, built by Ehrler for Prince Nicolas Orlov.
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