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La petite vadrouille

Come and wander around the region where the demarcation line was formed during the Second World War. Discover examples of Romanesque art and Château Renaud, which was a 'Kommandatur' during the Occupation. Don't forget to relax at the Robinson leisure park!

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Tourist on bicycle
Cultural, Historical, Natural, Religious


If a little excursion sounds tempting to you, take a bike ride around the place where the demarcation line was formed during the Second World War between occupied and free France. Controlled by German posts, this interior border affected not only the inhabitant's everyday lives, but also economic and administrative organisation between 1940-1943. What's more, Château Renaud, a noteworthy example of classic architecture located in the middle of a beautiful natural park, was the headquarters of a local military command. Be sure not to miss the Notre-Dame church which is also in Germigny-l’Exempt, as it is one of the most important Romanesque churches in Berry. Finally, the Robinson leisure park in La Guerche-sur-l’Aubois is an ideal place to relax, take advantage of water sports and to swim.
Durée01h15Distance18.0 km
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