Tourist on bicycle

Itinéraire vélo n°5 – Des petites routes champêtres – 29 km

Cycling tour of 29 km on the country roads of Bouesse and Mosnay.

Itinerary details

Tourist on bicycle


A corner of the countryside is the right expression to use to feel these easy routes between woods, fields, meadows, "bouchures". A rural life still very present. A certain refrain could come back to our mind "When we left early in the morning, when we left on the paths, on our bicycles…"

Points of interest of the route: the wolf of Mosnay, the castle of Bouesse, the church Saint-Etienne, the area of the Wind of Bouesse, the Abbey, the castle of the Chair Saint-Eloi, the Tarier pâtre.
Distance29.0 km
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