Tourist on bicycle

Floral and monumental

From Cléry-Saint-André, this route offers you a fragrant getaway.

Itinerary details

Tourist on bicycle
Historical, Natural, Religious


For the bravest, here is one of the longest cycle rides in the Terres du Val de Loire.

Plan for the whole day, first to take a break in the pleasant medieval town of Meung-sur-Loire and discover its river front facing the Loire, its pretty alleyways and its impressive château, then stroll through its two “Jardins Remarquables” (remarkable gardens label).

Then, you may choose between continuing either to Dry or Cléry-Saint-André, and cycle down tracks that will lead you to the verges of the Sologne forest, with its varied landscapes and villages, between agricultural expanses, clearings, forests and ponds typical of the Sologne area.
Durée02h50Distance42.0 km
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