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EV3 – La Scandibérique dans le Loiret

EuroVelo 3 is a European cycle route linking Trondheim in Norway to Santiago de Compostela in Spain over 5,000 km.

Itinerary details

Tourist on bicycle
Cultural, Alternative, Natural


Called "La Scandibérique" in France, EuroVelo 3 crosses the country from the northeast to the southwest over more than 1,700 km and is the longest French cycling route
In the Centre-Val de Loire region, it crosses 3 departments (Loiret, Loir-et-Cher and Indre-et-Loire) and runs along the Loing canal, the Loire à Vélo and St Jacques à Vélo via Tours
In the Loiret, La Scandibérique travels over 180 km along the rivers, canals and the royal river. From the Gâtinais to the Loire Valley, the visitor travels through the natural spaces and the bucolic landscapes of the Loing Valley
One should not miss the medieval city and the royal abbey of Ferrières-en-Gâtinais, Montargis, the Briare canal, the Gallo-Roman amphitheater of Chènevières and the museum of the former Hôtel-Dieu in Châtillon-Colig
Durée14h00Dénivelé500 mDistance202.0 km
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