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Les cisterciens aux sources de l'industrie

Immerse yourself in the heart of Val d’Aubois and discover the wealth of natural and historic heritage that this small valley bordering the Loire possesses. From the Middle Ages up until the industrial revolution, this area was the birthplace of unexpected technical economic development.

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Tourist on bicycle
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Immerse yourself in the heart of Val d’Aubois. The picturesque, agricultural landscape, the peaceful Fontmorigny Cistercian abbey and the 18th century Chautay watermill are only some examples of the natural and historic heritage this small valley bordering the Loire possesses. Industry here had its glory days from Cistercian handicrafts in the Middle Ages, to the blast furnaces of the industrial revolution, to the lime kilns and tile manufacturing in the 20th century. The Canal de Berry, constructed in the 19th century, allowed local industries to import raw materials and export their products to the entire country and bears testimony to its industrial past. Aside from the canal and a visit to a few former metalworking factories in Torteron, there is little remaining evidence of…
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