Enjoy a change of scenery not far from home, a chance to immerse yourself in a new territory, to slow down, to explore, to let go – that’s what a micro-adventure is all about! This form of tourism, off the beaten track and more sustainable, invites you to truly connect with the local environment, both natural and human, right on your doorstep. In the heart of the Loire Valley, you can choose to sleep on a traditional boat, discover the UNESCO-listed cultural landscapes by bike, or take part in a special walk through the vineyards. The perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends, for a weekend or more!  


D. Darrault – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Exploring nature, discovering heritage, taking part in sporting activities – anything is possible with a micro-adventure! The Loire Valley with its magnificent landscapes, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is ideal for this new way of travelling. 

For example, you can take one of the many cycle routes, such as the Loire à Vélo or the Scandibérique, to immerse yourself in the surrounding countryside. Or get even closer to the local flora and fauna on the paths and tracks available for walking. And if you love water, take a canoe or kayak and discover the Loire and its tributaries up close. 

Micri-tourism: a new way to discover the loire valley

C. Mouton – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
Balade au bord d'un étang

Local, sustainable and original micro-adventures have it all! By choosing to travel on a small scale, you can make a difference for yourself and for the planet. 

There are many advantages to micro-tourism: you boost the local economy, you save on transport costs, you can get away more often both in summer and winter, and there’s no pressure!  

In the age of the “van life” trend, this different kind of tourism takes a similar approach to slow tourism, allowing you to enjoy your experience, while significantly reducing your environmental impact. And let’s face it, it’s a real pleasure to be able to travel without having to go through the hassle of preparation and never-ending journeys!   


You can play at being an adventurer, but you have to know where you’re going! We’ve put together some authentic itineraries to help you find a change of scenery close to home. 

3 jeunes femmes au bord de l'étang
D. Darrault – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

In the Loire Valley, a micro-adventure naturally involves cycle tourism. There are many cycling loops, ideal for an immersive experience. The châteaux by bike routes and the unmissable Loire à Vélo route, for example, will take you to the great Loire châteaux. You will also have the perfect opportunity to visit the wine cellars in the heart of the vineyards, stroll through picturesque villages or in the shade of romantic gardens, not forgetting to sample the local gastronomy! 

If you prefer to travel by water, take a trip on a traditional Loire boat or a quiet, eco-friendly canoe. Silently, at your own pace, you can discover the many secrets of the local flora and fauna. The Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park offers nine themed walks ranging from 10 to 22 km. Combine these with the other superb walks in the region, such as the famous GR3 which runs along the Loire all the way to the estuary.  

Another means of transport perfectly suited to a micro-adventure: the horse. There’s nothing like horse riding to get some fresh air and get away from it all. The European Road of d’Artagnan and a number of other loops and itineraries will see you galloping through unspoilt countryside! 

Un homme qui examine des feuilles de chêne dans la forêt
D. Darrault- CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Finally, make the most of your micro-adventure and spend some time among the trees on a sylvotherapy walk! This ancestral practice, known as shirin yoku in Japan, invites you to reconnect with yourself and with nature to fully appreciate all its riches. 


Do you want to extend your micro-adventure with an original night-time experience? What if, rather than staying in a hotel, you slept in a caravan, a tree house or a bubble under the stars? There’s plenty to choose from, and you’re guaranteed a change of scenery, whether you’re on a romantic break or with the kids!  

Other original accommodation ideas will give you the incredible feeling of being somewhere else, such as caravans deep in the forest, Toues Cabanées (famous traditional boats converted into accommodation), troglodyte dwellings, bivouacs on the banks of the Loire, not forgetting of course the Loire châteaux, some of which even open their doors to you for an unforgettable night! 

Parc des Alicourts
Cabane perchée au milieu de la forêt

So, are you ready to try a micro-adventure in the Loire Valley

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