Le Mohair de Sophie

Angora goat breeding in the Grand Pithiverais, and sale of Mohair in a farm shop.
Angora goat breeding in Grand Pithiverais, and Mohair sales in a farm store.

Located in the commune of Estouy, Feularde’s farm is mainly cereal-oriented. In September 2016 a herd of sixteen Angora goats arrived. A few months later, twelve kids were born, much to everyone’s delight. Today, the herd numbers no less than 50 goats.

You can also visit the boutique, where you’ll find all kinds of mohair products: scarves, gloves, balls, plaids and more.

In summer, come and get lost in a corn maze after visiting the farm!
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Ferme Feularde
45300 ESTOUY
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