International Garden Festival

Le Saturday 15 June à 10h00
Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire 41150 CHAUMONT-SUR-LOIRE
The International Garden Festival, of international renown, has been recognised since 1992 by both professionals and garden lovers and welcomes, every year, landscape designers and garden architects from all over the world.
The Festival International des Jardins is a not-to-be-missed international event. An emblematic event on the estate, it is dedicated to creation, imagination, poetry and nature. Acknowledged since 1992 by professionals and garden enthusiasts alike, each year it welcomes landscape gardeners and designers from all over the world. An annual competition for which a jury selects over twenty projects designed by multidisciplinary teams, in addition to the ?Cartes Vertes? given to guests of the Domaine. The Festival is a laboratory for contemporary garden design. 30 experimental gardens renewed each year. Prestigious names of today and tomorrow.


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