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Savonnerie l'Or d'Anesses

Artisanal soap factory "L'Or d'Anesses" located in the north of the department of Indre: 13 km from Saint-Aignan and 48 km from Loches; 10 km from the zoo park of Beauval 8 km from the castle of Valençay 2 km from the leisure centre of Villentrois as well as several tasting cellars and hiking trails
Artisanal manufacture of soaps (natural: without palm oil, without glycerine, without colouring agent, without adjuvant) and cold saponification. Donkey's milk soothes sensitive skin and is reputed to fight against acne and certain skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. Its softness calms the most reactive skins which tend to redden. By using a donkey milk soap, the aging of the skin slows down. The skin is smoother and tighter. It is easy to understand why this anti-ageing was Cleopatra's favourite treatment.


Cultural activities

  • Cosmetics / perfumery



33 Rue Benjamin Rabier
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