The uninhabited islands of the Loire

The Loire conceals little secret and deserted islands, where you can be alone for a picnic or walk. These islands thrive with nature and are home to a unique biodiversity that is typical of the Loire Valley. They are sometimes ephemeral and can be seen with the changing seasons. Come and explore these islands which are often only inhabited by plants and animals.

Picnicking on the Loire islands 

Every summer, a shuttle boat will take you to Courgain Island, between Saint-Gemmes-sur-Loire and Points-de-Cé. Wild and peaceful, it is the perfect place to relax with a good picnic.

Saint Aubin Island, very close to Angers, provides a beautiful splash of greenery in the middle of an urban area. Accessible by ferry from the "island port", you can relax here with a drink at the open-air bar or walk along the discovery trail, exploring the green meadows and meeting a couple of grazing cows among the way! To comprehend the richness of its biodiversity, stop in at the Maison de l'Île (Island Information Centre). Note that the island is part of the Lower Angou valley protection area.

Discover the alluvial forests of the Loire islands

Discover the beautiful alluvial forests which develop on river deposits. These are notably found between Loire and Cheuille on the Bonny Islands: Ousson Island in Chatillon-sur-Loire and Bon Island in Beaulieu. 

Folie Island, close to the Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire, also has a magnificent forest of this type. Stroll along by yourself or with a guide along a marked trail (0.8 and 2 km). Here you can see more than 30 species of creepers and trees (ash, alders, willows etc.) which are unique to this kind of wetland, which is flooded in winter by the Loire. You will also spot many birds busy scouring the sandy beaches, such as terns, herons and wagtails.

Bondésir Island, which covers approximately 30 hectares, also offers similar landscapes and is situated not far from Montlouis-sur-Loire town centre.