The Lower Valleys of Anjou

The Lower Valleys of Anjou, unique biodiversity

Located near Angers, the Lower Valleys of Anjou constitute a vast wetland area. In winter the flood plains resemble lakes, covered by the water of the Maine and the three other rivers that make up the area: the Mayenne, the Sarthe and the Loir. Discover an area rich in flourishing wildlife as you follow the specially designed intineraries: green tourism right in the heart of the Loire Valley!

The Lower Valleys of Anjou, flood plains

Situated not far from Angers, the Lower Valleys of Anjou are listed as a Natura 2000 site.

Regularly flooded by the Maine and the three rivers that make them up (the Mayenne, the Sarthe and the Loir), they are home to a large number of plant and animal species.

With the rise in water levels in winter, the rivers become veritable highways for migratory species, particularly eels. The flood plains are transformed into large breeding grounds and are a popular place for pikes to come to lay their eggs.

When the weather is warmer, cows are are brought to pasture here, like on Île Saint-Aubin for example.

To explore the Lower Valleys, venture along the intineraries laid out along the rivers, such as the Sentier de Grande Randonnée de Pays which covers 100km! You will without a doubt cross a few people enjoying a spot of fishing!

Wetland valleys are popular with migratory birds

Wetland areas are always closely linked with flocks of birds, and especially migratory ones. A large number of them stop off in the Lower Valleys of Anjou, where they find peace and quiet and food. Set out to discover them in a canoe, a great way of getting close without disturbing them.

From December to April you can observe greylag geese and northern pintail ducks which come here in their thousands, alongside black-tailed godwits and corn crakes. The latter are rare migratory birds which come to build their nests in the wetland meadows.

The site is also home to certain rare plants such as meadow starwort, snake's head fritillary and xylophagous (wood-eating) insects such as stag beetles.

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