Loire­-Anjou­-Touraine Regional Nature Park

The Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park is situated between Angers and Tours and extends over nearly 271,000 hectares along the Loire Valley. Located at the half-way point, in Montsoreau, the Maison du Parc (Nature Park Centre) contains all the mysteries of this area offering a thousand Loire landscapes, from forests to vineyards and from “troglos” (cave-like dwellings) to typical villages. Whether on foot or by bicycle, explore the hiking and discovery trails and learn about everything which is hidden at the very heart of the Loire Valley...

The Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park: a major Loire site

Majestic forests, a lively river, floodplains: the Loire-Anjou-Touraine RNP hosts a wide variety of Loire landscapes.
Cradled by a number of tributaries, the Loire is all the more mysterious at the points where it meets them, such as at the Véron peninsula, where the Indre and Vienne join the Loire. The local inhabitants used to be somewhat stranded here, before construction of the bridges we have today!

The history of the park is tightly linked to humans, who have shaped the landscapes. There are 48 municipalities in the Loire Valley, some of which are very beautiful.

A regional park where fauna and flora thrive

A multitude of natural habitats attract many animals. No less than 329 species of butterflies and 52 dragonflies live here, in addition to 186 species of birds, like the iconic Osprey.

The Loire is a river that changes, sometimes being in flood and at other times offering gravelly, sandy stretches. It is a playground for birds and beavers, which you can watch on foot or from a boat on the water.

The plant life also changes. Along the park's paths you can admire orchids and fritillaries, those pretty white-speckled, mauve flowers which cover the water meadows, but admire without picking: now rare, this flower is protected!

'Le Mois des Parcs' (the Month of Parks) event takes place during the whole of September. It is an occasion to discover the park through a variety of different events including discovery outings, exhibitions and workshops.

Nature Park Centre in Montsoreau

A true place of exchange, the Nature Park Centre in Montsoreau will help you understand the Loire wildlife through exhibitions and workshops for all ages and guided nature outings.
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