Inhabited islands, from Nantes to Amboise

Many islands have emerged in the Loire, some of which are inhabited: from the fabulous Île de Nantes and its machines, to Or Island in Amboise, set between two branches of the Loire. Visit the Or Island golf course, Béhuard Island and Offard Island!

Nantes: A bustling Loire island

The large, bustling island of Nantes is a mysterious one. Its Great Elephant, which trumpets at passers-by, has found a home here alongside the Island Machines. Come and discover this modern island, formerly a port, where you can admire architecture designed by some of the most renowned figures (Jean Nouvel, Christian de Portzamparc, etc). It is a major site for arts' schools, and visitors can also admire the Anneaux de Buren (Buren Rings) before enjoying a drink at the Hangar à Bananes. 

Two eponymous Or Islands in the middle of the Loire

Approximately thirty kilometres from Nantes, in Cellier, an island of a very different kind is waiting to be explored: Or Island. The island has a two-round golf course (9 and 18 hole) in an incomparable setting.

A second island of the same name can also be visited in Amboise! Surrounded by the Loire, it contains a few dwellings facing the château. Long ago in 503, the king of the Francs, Clovis, signed a peace treaty here with the leader of the Visigoths, Alaric. The island offers a variety of different options for food and accommodation: campsite or Ethic Etapes.

Béhuard Island and Offard Island: two timeless islands

Béhuard Island is listed as a "Petite Cité de caractère", a little gem bathing in the mild Loire climate, except when the royal river decides otherwise and floods the village in winter! Evidence of past inundations can be seen by the flood level markers. It is also the only municipality which is an island, and boasts a charm that can be immediately felt when you enter the village. The Notre Dame Chapelbuilt on a rock, was once a major pilgrimage site. The island also offers a pleasant walk along the Loire, bordered by magnificent residences.

Near Saumur, and situated right in the middle of the Loire, Offard Island looks up at the majestic château. If the location appeals to you, why not spend the night there? The island's campsite promises a unique overnight stay.