Brière Regional Nature Park

Brière Regional Nature Park extends over 40,000 hectares and is situated close to the Guérande salt marshes. The Grande Brière marsh is a vast expanse of water dotted with islands, water meadows and reedbeds and is the second largest of its kind after the Camargue.

With numerous canals, the ideal way to visit it is by boat or on foot or by bicycle. It is a rich environment which is a delight to walkers and bird watchers.

Discover Brière Regional Nature Park from the water

To discover Brière with its characteristic fauna and flora, choose to travel by water aboard a canoe or barge. This black flat-bottom boat will carry you between the canals in absolute silence, and there is no better way to discretely watch the many birds which have made this their habitat! Brière attracts large numbers of birds because it is situated on migratory paths. You may catch a glimpse of a Stilt Plover or Purple Heron behind a reed.

Brière Regional Nature Park: discovery trails and picturesque villages

Whether on foot or by bicycle, the experience will be just as enjoyable as you travel along the discovery paths. Enjoy learning about the history of Loire Valley landscapes which characterise the local area.

Brière also has typical houses: Brière thatched cottages, 3000 in number. Their thatched rooves are testimony to the know-how of bygone generations.

Admire these cottages during a visit to Kerhinet, a village with 18 thatched cottages of this type. The Maison du Parc (Nature Park Centre) is also located here.

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