The wines of Anjou­ and Saumur

Welcome to the largest winegrowing area in the Loire Valley! Dotted with hills, troglodytic cellars and castles, Anjou-Saumur offers a wide variety of wines: dry or sweet whites, reds, rosés, sparkling... some 30 appellations grow side be side here and offering a wide choice for tasting.

Chenin, the grape variety for Anjou-Saumur's whites

Here, the Chenin grape is king. It is to this grape that we owe all the good white wines of the Anjou-Saumur wine-growing region.
Whites that may be dry, such as Anjou, Saumur or Savennières. At Château de Serrant, try the Coulée de Serrant, made from the estate's grapes.
Soft and sweet, they are are literally magical on the palate; try the fabulous Coteaux-du-Layon.
As for the sparkling whites, like the Crémant de Loire, Anjou Fines Bulles or Saumur Brut, they are ideally sampled in one of the troglodytic cellars so typical of the region.

The red and rosé wines of Anjou-Saumur

The reds, made from Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Gamay, are available as Anjou, Saumur-Champigny or Saumur, among other names.
Fresh on the palate, the rosés of the Anjou-Saumur vineyards are small wonders, and include Cabernet d'Anjou, Rosé d'Anjou, Rosé de Loire and Cabernet de Saumur.
These are all wines to discover during an oenological getaway punctuated by the Loire and its vineyards, the mills and thousand châteaux present in the region.

Wines of the Loire Valley