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Villages of Anjou in the heart of vineyards

In harmony with the Loire Valley vineyards, these magnificent villages accredited with the "Petites cités de caractère" (small cities of character) label are all the more beautiful for their proximity with the viticultural estates. Set out to discover local gems situated among Anjou vineyards such as Le Coudray-Macouard, Montreuil-Bellay, Le Puy-Notre-Dame, Aubigné-sur-Layon and Savennières. 

In the heart of the Saumur region: Le Coudray-Macouard, Montreuil-Bellay and Le Puy-Notre-Dame

Take a walk around Coudray-Macouard, an ancient fortified village pleasantly adorned with plantlife. Notice the fantastic contrast between the blue-coloured slates and the whiteness of the tuffeau stone, and admire the magnificent old dwellings as well as the former fortress of which the chapel still remains today. 

The town of Montreuil-Bellay is also fortified and is surrounded by vineyards and crossed by the river Thouet, a tributary of the Loire. Follow the signposted itinerary to discover the rich architecture here, with the château, city gates, ramparts, collegiate church, Saint-Jean hospital…

Also nestling in the heart of the vineyards is Le Puy-Notre-Dame, another town full of charm and character and whose architecture is just as interesting. The city gates, collegiate church and manors are perfect examples, and while you're here don't miss out on a visit to the nearby troglodyte cellars containing Loire vines and mushrooms!

Between Loire and Layon: Aubigné-sur-Layon and Savennières

Aubigné-sur-Layon is a true winemaking village with a sense of unique yet authentic charm. Blooming with plantlife, the town is also home to remarkable buildings such as the château, Saint-Denis church and the magnificent dwellings. Its flower garden is also worth a visit.

Situated in the heart of magnificent Loire countryside and vineyards, Savennières and Epiré form a single village which is just as prestigious as the eponymous wine: Savennières. As you walk through the little streets you will sense the harmony reigning here between nature and the local architecture, with the vine-covered slopes and a 300-year old plane tree rubbing shoulders with fine dwellings and very old Norman churches.